Tushka Dermendzhieva

My name is Tushka and I am a Java Technical lead at Scalefocus. I work mainly in Java based projects. I have strong technical background mostly as a Java backend developer.

I am passionate about new technologies and mentoring. I am also interested in topics for self-improvement and coaching.

I love traveling abroad, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. 

gRPC: A Modern Toolkit for Microservice Communication

Day 2 - 11th Dec 16:20-17:10 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Novice Tushka Dermendzhieva, Georgi Sotirov

We are living in a world where modern applications are consistently moving towards microservice-based architecture. Thus, internal service communication is becoming a vital part of any system. gRPC is a modern framework, developed initially at Google, which aims to solve many issues that we face using traditional means of communication such as REST. In its shell, it is an open source RPC framework which passes data through efficient protocol buffers. The framework is based on a client-server model of remote procedure calls and Interface Definition Language code generation. It supports languages, such as Java, C++, Python, Node.js, Go, and many others.

Here is a list with topics we are going to discuss during the talk:
1. What is gRPC?
2. Problems with REST and how gRPC can solve them
3. When to use gRPC over REST
4. Comparison to other communication technologies
5. Demo
6. Conclusion