Tom Mladenov

Solution Architect at Tide

As a Solution Architect at Tide, Tom spends most of his time designing different components of the core product of the fintech challenger.
Apart from that he reads, experiments, teaches and spreads the word for other exciting technologies such as Flutter, Kotlin, Go, Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.
Outside the office, he prays for deep snow, a waxed snowboard and a working lift.

Scaling up a banking challenger with event driven architecture

Day 1 - 10th Dec 10:40-11:30 Hall 7 #CM Advanced Advanced Tom Mladenov, Dr. Stephen Robinson

Microservices have saved us from the crushing pain of monoliths, only to raise a whole raft of questions about how microservices can work together to achieve meaningful features for end users.

One approach promoted by some famous names (LinkedIn, Netflix etc.) is to adopt a message driven architecture. This talk will introduce message driven architecture and discuss some of the advantages, risks and how to mitigate them, as well as some patterns which can help you take full advantage of the shift. We’ll also touch on Tide’s experience of moving to messaging as part of scaling up our development organization.