Naresha K

Naresha works as Technical Excellence Coach and Cloud Transformation Catalyst. He works with the developers to improve their professional practices to get better at developing maintainable applications that deliver business value. He also helps teams to architect solutions for the cloud and migrate applications to cloud platforms. He has been developing enterprise software for more than 12 years.

Naresha is the founder organizer of Bangalore Groovy User Group. He has been a speaker at several conferences including GR8 Conf EU, Functional Conf, GR8 Conf India, Grails Conf, GIDS, Eclipse Summit and Selenium Conf.

Effective Java with Groovy & Kotlin – How Languages Influence Adoption of Good Practices

Day 2 - 11th Dec 15:20-16:10 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Advanced

‘Effective Java’ is probably the best book ever written for Java programmers. It presents the most effective ways of using language. Since Groovy and Kotlin run on JVM, most of the suggestions from Effective Java are equally relevant for Groovy and Kotlin developers. However, one has to take caution before using the corresponding Java implementations. Moreover, these languages provide out of the box constructs for many of the recommended practices which can boost developer productivity.

In this talk, I walk you through code examples that follow these good practices, highlighting the Groovy and Kotlin way of implementing the ‘Effective Java’ suggestions. There are several instances where Groovy and Kotlin take different approaches. As a participant, you walk away appreciating the simplicity with which these JVM languages empower the developers. The talk also provides food for thought – how programming languages can influence their users to adopt good practices.