Kaloyan Dimitrov

Senior software engineer at VMware with over ten years of experience, yes, I know, that is not so much and passion for travel. If you want to know more about my professional life, feel free to stalk me on LinkedIn but if you want to see my passion in action my travel blog.

Reactive, one year later – a case study

Day 2 - 11th Dec 17:20-17:45 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

If you have been on a Java conference in the past several years, there is no way you haven’t heard about Reactive. This talk is a case study of the project I have been working on during the past year (and a half). It will show you our journey through a new framework, technology, and mindset. Because, as everybody will tell you, Reactive requires a different mindset. In the end, you will, hopefully, get a better idea of what Reactive is and for what it is good or bad.