Jeronimo Martinez

My name is Jeronimo Martinez, I am a software engineer at DataArt. I’ve been writing software for about 15 years for different companies in Spain, Ireland and Poland. On my day-to-day work, I design, build and maintain big enterprise systems and data pipelines. On my spare time, I research new and interesting technologies, mostly related to functional programming, data engineering and machine learning, and then I try to make that somehow leak into my day to day work 😉

Survival guide for maintaining legacy systems

Day 2 - 11th Dec 10:30-11:20 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Novice

All systems have some degree of legacy, starting from the new one that you are creating just now, up to the one that has been abandoned for years but still keeps one critical active user somewhere. At some point in your career as a developer, you will inevitably end up maintaining a system that you didn’t write, and which you don’t know much about. What are your options? Are there tools and techniques that can make you work easier? Yes, there are! In this talk I’ll go over different approaches that will improve your experience dealing with a legacy system, and also, a set of recommendations for preventing future systems becoming legacy.