Georgios Andrianakis

Georgios is a Senior Software Engineer working for Red Hat. He works on Java frameworks and their synergies with cloud native systems but also has a taste for DevOps and Data Engineering.

Quarkus: Supersonic, subatomic Java

Day 2 - 11th Dec 16:20-17:10 Hall 3.1 #J2D Advanced,Master Class Hall 3 Novice Georgios Andrianakis, Ioannis Canellos

The Cloud Native Era has changed a lot about what we expect from our applications making it challenging for traditional server side Java technologies. This talk will introduce you to Quarkus, a Kubernetes native Java stack that can tailor your application for GraalVM & Hotspot providing amazingly fast boot times and incredibly low RSS memory usage, making Java more than relevant in this brave new world.

Get your hands dirty with Quarkus: The Container First Cloud Native Java framework

Day 3 - 12th Dec 12:00-13:50 Master Class Hall 3 Advanced Georgios Andrianakis, Ioannis Canellos

Breaking news: You no longer need a PhD in quantum physicist to write Java that breaks the sound barrier! Join us live tonight and we are going to walk you through writing supersonic subatomic java with Quarkus!

Georgios and Ioannis are going to deliver a “deep dive” session into Quarkus structured into two ‘self-contained’ parts. The first part is going to cover application development essentials. The second part is going to be about cloud and integration

Please download the following before attending: