Fabien Vauchelles

CTO at Zelros

CTO and Co-Founder Zelros

Machine Learning for the Busy Developer

Day 1 - 10th Dec 10:40-11:30 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

Random Forest, Cross Validation, Clustering, … a whole new vocabulary for a developer, who is already busy!

When you have a closer look, Machine Learning is very simple: you prepare the data, you assemble the datasets, and you model the algorithms. It’s mostly experimentation.

Come and discover how a machine predicts the future!

Through examples and live-coding, we will see:
– how to build our datasets?
– how to choose the right algorithm?
– how to evaluate the performance of a predictive model?

Now, Machine Learning will be your best friend!


How to organise a Datascience competition?

Day 1 - 10th Dec 16:20-16:45 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

For the last 4 years, we organized the Data Science Olympics. This competition happens every year, on multiple locations and lasts only 2 hours! Last year, we gathered 1000 datascientists in Berlin and Paris.

If you are asking yourself theses questions:
– Why should you come to a Data Science competition?
– How can I win this kind of competition?
– How can I organise a machine learning challenge?

This talk is for you!

We will share with you our experience on the past 4 year about the challenges, the solutions and you will discover some easy tricks!