Denis Tsyplakov

Denis Tsyplakov is a professional software developer and architect, who started coding in the late eighties as a hobby. By mid-nineties, the demand for software engineers drove him to turn his hobby into profession. Although Denis is a master of a variety of programming languages, his favorite one is Java because of its power, flexibility and elegance. Since 2006, Denis has been working at DataArt as a senior solution architect. He designs complex systems, improves application architecture, and focuses on performance, scale, extensibility, and total cost of ownership. And he does mentoring of other junior architects too. Denis spends his free time with the family, his lovely wife and two daughters; he enjoys hiking and sci-fi books.

Typical bugs in technical architecture of Java based services

Day 2 - 11th Dec 09:30-10:20 Hall 3.1 #J2D Advanced Advanced

There is a joke. A fireman is complaining, “What the hell, each and every time people call us to say that their house is on fire”. As a solution architect in DataArt, I can say that 80% of my job is to help different companies to solve problems with their systems. So, when I see a project, it is usually “on fire”. Sometimes problems lie with requirements, sometimes with management, sometimes they are caused by a wrong choice of tools. But lots of problems lie with the technical architecture. I want to discuss with you several most typical problems in the technical architecture that I have seen in more than half of the projects.