Alan Cooke

Alan is currently working at Zendesk where he leads the mobile engineering teams working on both Apps and SDKs. He has a great passion for software engineering and building high quality applications that are both functional but also beautiful. Building on his 10+ years of commercial software development, has a wide breath of knowledge which include highlights like building the first prototypes at MasterCard of the system which powers Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Robots, the best testers you will ever build

Day 1 - 10th Dec 15:20-16:10 Main Hall #Influencers Novice

The talk will bring attendees on a journey from the current out of the box approach to UI automation testing, talk about the pitfalls and then introduce through Swift, the Robot pattern. The Robot pattern is a pattern commonly applied to test automation which allows an abstraction layer that is easy to write and easy to understand, so much so that even a product manager could write the tests. Moving beyond the basics of the pattern and show it running in action with a real app, we will evolve the pattern to leverage the latest function builders offered in Swift 5 to make our tests even more expressive, terse and easy to write.

Attendees will leave, having a new found love for test automation and how to put a strong pattern to use in their own code bases.